NUDA 2018  


Towards an unknown future

 - Grieghallen, Bergen, 24th - 25th January

Happy citizen is about smart city development. Smart city development is about planning for the unknown. To achieve this one have to work interdisciplinary. That's why NUDA has put together a unique Assembly that gives you the The Tools You need to meet the uncertain future, in a whole new way.

Nordic Urban Assembly is The new Nordic urban interface where global thinking, urban politics, city innovation, digital overlay and technological disruptions are elevated to an increased level of awareness. The year behind us and the starting of 2018 embrace “disruption” as the buzz word to think about. It connects to many realities including smart cities, technology, the millennials agenda and much more.

Disruption come in many shapes and forms. In cities we experience the disruption of urban structures, of social use, of loyalty, of innovation. Changes in technology are forcing new agendas and new future visions to the surface. That is why NUDA have created the Nordic Urban Assembly.

We like to believe that we see the world differently. And we want to share that with everyone. New Tools for City Development takes into consideration the unknown future distruption is causing. We present the new tools that shorten the distance between the unknown and the known.

Read the full program for Nordic Urban Assembly here


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The ticket for Nordic Urban Assembly will give you access to :

Sessions, 24th of January at Universitetsaulaen (UIB) - NB! You need to choose the session you would like to attend when you register due to limited capacity.

NB! This is a bonus day and free of choice. Three sessions of workshops and debates.  Optional to choose one, two, three or none. Registration required.

Conference 25th of January at Grieghallen, Peer Gynt Salen

Discounted tickets:

If you register for 5 + full price Conference tickets you will get a 400 NOK discount pr. person (3800 NOK)

If you register for 10 + full price Conference tickets you will get a 500 NOK discount pr person (3700 NOK)

If you are a member of  Grønn Byggallianse, Norsk Eiendom, BN, NLA you get a discount ticket by choosing the Conference member ticket. (3800 NOK)


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If you are not from Bergen and need a place to stay during the Assembly. NUDA has a great deal on rooms at Zander K Hotel, close to the Assembly venues. Please note that there is a limited number of rooms.Click here to book you stay. Our hotel deal expires gradually from January the 10th and totally from the 17th.




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